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What We Do - Products Made On Site


We hand make fantastic sausages in the shop, usually on Thursdays.

Our sausages only have around 10% added fat, so they are a lower calorie, healthier option to those often sold as a sausage.

This 10% added fat is just enough to keep the sausage moist and add flavour so we suggest you do not prick the skin as they may go dry.

Flavours include: Old English, Pork and Leek, Hot and Spicy, Cumberland, Pork and Apple, Toulouse and many more, all these flavours will also be available in chipolatas.


Dried Cured Bacon

How often have you bought what looks like a good quality bacon, only to be left with a pan of fluid surrounding a shrivelled up shadow of what went in only 3 minutes before?

Ours does not shrink, and is the most amazing tasting bacon to grace your table. We remove as much of the fluid possible during the curing process.

After the 2 minutes a side required for cooking the pan will remain almost dry, and you will be left with the sweetest tasting bacon you have ever had.

Very often the bacon being sold has had up to 30% fluid added to ensure longevity which means you are paying meat money for water.

With us you pay meat money for meat!!



 If you are the sort of person that enjoys a good old fashioned faggot then you are in for a real treat.

We use only the best quality, freshest ingredients when we make our faggots.

Our faggots are a little different due to the recipe we have developed and of course kept secret!!

When cooked with a little onion gravy in a moderate oven for 20 minutes they taste fantastic.

Don't miss out, try them for yourself!

We use only the best quality, freshest ingredients when we make our faggots, including Calves liver, streaky bacon, the finest minced beef, minced lamb along with the other top quality products blended with our own herbs and spices.



Freshly made burgers are now available in the shop.

We hand make a few different flavours of beef burgers for you to try, but the most popular are beef and onion with a real twist, Moroccan burgers for those that like a bit of spice.

As usual they are made with the same high quality, lean minced beef that we sell over the counter in the shop.

We have developed our own recipe that has proved incredibly popular with adults and children alike.

We also cook these in the shop to order along with many other tasty snacks and lunches, take a look at the sandwiches, rolls and Baguettes page, if you are just passing why not order in advance and pick it up on the way through, the contact details are on the page, Wibi will be happy to take your order.

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