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  Raising The Standard  

Amazing Deals

You don't have to spend a lot to save a fortune, our excellent, high quality meat is now even grater value
for those of you who prefer to buy whole or larger cuts to maximise your buying power and Save pounds.
All products can be frozen

5 kg of Chuck Roll

Ideal for any slow cooked dish (around 2 hours)

We will dice and pack in 1kg bags if required ready for the freezer

Only £32.50 usually £37.25 save nearly £1.00 per kilo

5kg of Butchers Best Minced Beef

We use chuck roll for our mince, so charge the same.

We will bag this in 1kg bags as required

Only £32.50 usually £37.25 save nearly £1.00 per kilo

5 kg of Grade A Chicken Fillets

These are not injected. You do not pay for water, only meat!

Comes in a sealed tub as pictured.

Only £32.50 normally £44.40 save over 25%

(average 21 breasts)

4 kg Whole Boneless Pork

Pork steaks cut and packed as requested.

Only £27.00 normally £34.60 that's a saving of £1.90 per kilo.

Sirloin Steak


We will cut these as required, average of between 17-20 steaks.

Only £105 normally £125.00 saving £4.00 per kilo

Flavour Coated Chicken Fillets

2 per pack, 10 packs minimum order

Flavours: Chinese, Sticky BBQ, Italian, Hot and Spicy, Tandoori, Lemon Pepper.

Only £6.90 kg normally £8.68 kg

Butchers Succulent Lamb Shanks

2 per pack, 5 packs minimum order

These can have a garden mint rub added for no extra cost, as required.

Only £35.00 normally £45.00 a saving of £1.00 per shank

Whole Lamb cut into joints

Whole lamb or pig prices tend to fluctuate throughout the year, so we will give you the current price on asking.

Around £100

Cheshire Oak Gammon Ham

Quality Cheshire Oak Gammon Ham. (Average size 5kg).

Only £5.50 per kilo, normally £6.99 per kilo a saving of £1.49 per kilo

Discount on larger orders!

We will offer discount on larger orders even if the items are not listed above.

Please call the shop on 01235 226 666 Tuesday - Friday 9am - 5.15pm, Saturday 9am - 4.30pm. Closed Sunday & Monday

We also offer a high quality range of home made ready meals that can be frozen follow this link.

Call Monty direct on 07585 975 999

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